Knife block Viro Black

    • BEAUTIFUL ELEGANT DESIGN: A knife block is such a useful addition to your knife collection. What's more, it provides the blades with a safe and practical home. The Coninx knife block is not only practical but also elegant and stylish. Its black colour and modern design will look great in any kitchen. The Coninx Viro measuring block is made of a durable plastic and is, therefore, extremely easy to clean. It's functional and always looks very attractive.
    • DO YOU NEED A PLACE FOR KNIVES IN YOUR KITCHEN? Do you just have too many knives? Are your knives just taking too much space and making a mess in your drawers? Then buy the Coninx knife block and instantly free up worktop space in your kitchen! The compact design and practical size make the knife block a must-have, keeping your kitchen in order and making room for new equipment!
    • UNIVERSAL KNIFE BLOCK: The structure of the plastic bristles in the knife block ensures that you are not tied to any particular slots to store your knives. These flexible plastic bristles ensure that the insertion of your favourite knives is child's play and you can store them in any position. It's convenient, practical and also increases safety when working in the kitchen.
    • EASY TO CLEAN: The insert is made of black plastic. It can be quickly removed for easy cleaning.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We are 100% convinced of the quality and functionality of our knife block, and we also want you to feel equally confident about these features when you buy the product. This is why we are also prepared to give you an amazing lifetime money-back guarantee on our product. So if you are dissatisfied with the knife block, for whatever reason, Coninx will return your money, without asking any questions. It's a completely risk-free purchase, so what are you waiting for?

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